5 Best Ways to Drink Coffee

1. In a mug.

Just kidding.

#1 for reals: BULLET PROOF

Butter in the coffee. Whaaaat? Yep. A tablespoon of organic, grassfed butter blended in your regular 8oz cup. The fat helps your body absorb the caffeine at the most efficient, optimal pace.


NOT iced coffee. Very different. The coffee brews over a longer period of time…at room temperature. This reduces the acidity and allows the coffee to absorb even more of the good stuff: caffeine. You can buy this almost anywhere now: Trader Joe’s, Whole foods, or you can make your own. We make ours in the gallon! Yeah!


A red eye is typically a dark brew coffee with a shot or two of espresso. A hearty, bold idea probably coming from the boiler maker forerunner where a shot of hardcore liquor is dropped into a beer to help it go down the pipes smoothly.


I’m the kind of gal that drinks her coffee black with extra caffeine and a dollop of espresso with extra beans and maybe some more caffeine on top. However, there are times when something sweet and spicy hits the spot. A Turkish coffee is a precise method of brewing and seasoning the coffee. Sweet, savory, with hints of cardamom, cloves, vanilla, and almond. Hard to find prepared well, but here’s a great link.


Just. Plain. Coffee. I could spend my entire life trying new coffee blends, beans, roasts, etc. Whenever I go to a new coffee house, I always try their daily roast, black, not piping hot. Do they do the simple things right? Are they so fancy they forget to have a strong base? That is the true test of any coffee establishment. Plus, the no-frills black cup of joe can be made at home…by the potful!


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