5 Reasons Why My Dog Is The Best

I’m sure everyone thinks their best friend is the best, but they’re mistaken. Luna, the mutt in my life, can topple the couch with a single bound, bite through bone in a single crunch, and petrify the neighbors with a single bark. My pooch, no doubt, is the most awesome at awesomeness. Why?

1. She eats my culinary disasters. 

So the alfredo-roasted tomato-garlic and sauteed chicken came out soupy with soggy noodles? Doggie says, “Yum.” Aaaaaannnd now I can have chocolate for dinner.

2. She cuddles.

She’ll come into bed after the husband leaves and will spread out so we’re sleeping spine to spine. “I got your back, human.”


3. Her sad face is dramatically sad. Her happy face is theatrically happy. 

Her mopey mastiff wrinkles emphasize melancholy. Her pit bull grin portrays pure joy.

4. She caught my mom.

My mother came for a visit and tripped on something. When she fell, she grabbed onto the dog, and Luna stood there and alleviated the fall.

5. She’s an excellent companion.

She’ll brave a rocky mountain trail with me when it’s ninety degrees outside. She’ll plunge into a pond with me even if she can’t see the bottom. She inspires me to walk our neighborhood and greet the neighbors even when I feel lazy. She puts me on a regular persons’s schedule at least twice a day. She watches me while I sleep and then makes me watch her sleep twelve hours a day. She’s on the lookout for bad guys and friends. She dances with me instead of laughing at me. She remembers what is important: naps, food, exercise, companionship, and peace of mind.

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