work, work, work

As soon as I decided to epublish, I went from being an author to being an author/editor/artist/publicist/marketer. Suddenly, that’s a lot of work! Luckily, everything I pay will be a flat fee, out of pocket but tax deductible.

I love writing, though. Love, love, LOVE it. Even the hard edits and revisions are exciting work for me. Hopefully I can find a balance between all the work so it doesn’t take away from all my precious writing time.

Any voices of experience are welcome!

I’m still working full time as a wage slave to cover publishing costs, rent, and health insurance. People may have to remind me that food and shelter are important before I spend all my grocery money on new cover art.

By the way, I’ll be tapping into some artistic friends pretty soon for some cover art. =)

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