Books I didn’t finish

I read a lot of indie books by various self-published authors. Some are really good. Others are okay. Many are… well, I couldn’t bear to finish. My experience as a reader has illuminated the market’s predominant concern regarding self-publishing, which echoes my father’s concern over the internet:

Anyone can publish anything.

It ain’t all sunshine and roses though.

Many books I’ve encountered are agonizing rife with numerous trite problems, and genuinely indigestible. Without calling anyone out over their obvious hard work, I will simply say, indie books of all sorts have saturated the market.

The free-market, entrepreneurial mindset makes quality control seemingly non-existent, if not for the readers.

We hope that competition will illuminate some of the quality works out there. The audience will separate the chaff from the wheat.

Hopefully I am not part of the problem. Instead of making a hurtful list of books I “Just Couldn’t even,” I’ll say: there are diamonds in the rough.

Keep digging.

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