Commodity#1: TIME

Our time is so precious. We don’t know how much we are given, but we know it is all we have. We don’t get extensions. We can’t beg or borrow a few more months or minutes.

What we have is all we get.

Therefore, what we do with our time (each minute) becomes our life. What we do forms who we are. It shows our priorities and either supplements or kills our dreams. When we waste time, we waste life.

Microsoft Word has an awesome feature that clocks how much time I spend editing. The program keeps a running tally of my efforts. Imagine if every aspect of life did that. How much time do we spend checking spam email? Watching tv? Cruising Facebook? Twitting and tweaking?

I’m guessing the results would surprise you and not in a good way.

Since time is the most precious thing I have, I need to enjoy it in enriching ways. I need to safeguard it. Is what you’re doing worth your time? Will it be worth it five years from now?

If not…maybe do something else.

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