Commodity#2: FOCUS

Even when I have all the time in the world, if I don’t have focus, I’m still not getting anything done. One of the most important skills someone can possess is the ability to focus on one task for a prolonged period of time or until completion. Focus

I don’t have it. I think it was stomped out of me at a young age with commercials, over-stimulating entertainment, a hectic lifestyle, and a rampant desire for immediate satisfaction.

Give me fun, give me food, give me happiness and pleasure and I want it all now. Gimmie, gimmie!

Modern life tries to kill our precious ability to focus. How many social networks do we babysit? How many television shows do we use and watch? Ever text and drive? How many browsers are open on your computer right now? Do you possess the ability to sit still? To endure silence? Can you resist the chime of a text message?

I surely can’t. And I’m tired of it. I feel exhausted and unproductive. I feel dumber every day. My eyes pass over a page and I realize I can’t remember the words I just read.

So I’m going to take back my time, Commodity#1, and regain my focus, Commodity#2. Mostly, this will involve not scrolling social platforms for no reason. Or watching tv. Or running around on six separate errands that could have been resolved in one place at one time.

I hope you join me in this attempt to get rid of the distraction addiction.

Let’s focus and use our time for something worthwhile.

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  • Wow! I really need to focus more often. Maybe then, my time will be more productive and then, even have spare time to focus on relaxing.

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