Distraction Reduction

I’m an addict.

There, I said it.

I’m clearly addicted to infotainment, silly pictures, pinterest recipes, tweets, facebook memes involving coffee and kittens, and a cloud of other things that settles on my computer and brain to prevent me from writing.

What’s that, another fluff piece about crap that doesn’t matter to anyone anywhere ever? Clearly, I must trash the next few moments of my life by stuffing nonsense into my noggin.

I need to cut that crap out.

Reducing the world’s whitenoise will free more of my time for important things, like, well, writing.

Others have recognized this problem and created apps like Freedom for Mac and Self-Control, which disable internet-surfing ability. Also, TimeTracker will tell you how much you waste doing nothing (way, way too much time).

I’m going to try it au naturale and bank on my own self-control to reduce the distractions.

Wish me luck!

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