Fate’s Gamble Quagmire

It’s the end of a trilogy.

The series that started it all, the Exalted vampires, is coming to a conclusion.

Slowly. Veerrrry slowly.

I’m about two months behind production on this one.

I think my major hangup comes from the finality of saying “It’s the end” which inspires soul-crushing shivers of doom in this here author. I’ve been tiptoeing around the first draft of this book, treating it with kid-gloves, trying to make sure everything I need to say will be said.

Sad truth is, it won’t be. Nothing is perfect, absolute, and a hundred-percent done. That’s the nature of life. I’m struggling to accept it. Basically I need to sack up and get it done, perfection be damned, so I can tip my hat to the the trilogy and move on.

Because I have other books to write.

Like, thirty of them.


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