Goals for 2018

Last year was something else. It wasn’t the worst year ever. Didn’t even rate in the top five crappiest years of my life, so there’s that.

Despite its lukewarm manner, swift passing, and continual frustration, I survived. So did my family. I even saw my brothers for the first time in years. Therefore, it was okay.

I performed a job change and entered a less stressful environment with fewer work hours so I could regain regularity in my life. I finished a book (although I had hoped to finish two). Both my dog and I dodged a scary heath concern. So I’m alright.

I’d like to make 2018 better than okay.

Here’s a brief glimpse at my goals for the upcoming year.

  • Publish  Muttopia #6, Judas Wolf
  • Write the Lilith Trilogy and set a publishing schedule
  • Outline and begin writing the Familiar Tale series
  • Blog at least twice a month
  • Get a new editor
  • Buy cover art and release a box set for the Muttopia and Exalted series
  • Publish on other reading platforms, like Kobo and ibooks
  • Renew a neglected pen name and release a series of short stories

And that’s as far as the writing biz is concerned. I’d also like to:

  • Level up in my Vinas Arnis competencies
  • Make strength gains at the gym to surpass my old, old numbers
  • Save up enough cash to buy a new car out of pocket
  • Work through a serious reading list in the sciences
  • Practice patience and forgiveness, both with myself and others

So here’s to hoping that goals are better than resolutions. If this current momentum keeps up, and with the support of friends and family, it should be a lovely, productive year.

I wish everyone the best, and I hope you can make 2018 a great year for you.