Guest Star: Andreas Sarakas

It’s long overdue, but Andreas Sarakas will be Kaidlyn’s costar in the sixth book of the Muttopia series. The fellow FBHS partner has been with her since the beginning, and he’s always proven himself to be a good friend of hers…possibly more than that.

After his tragedy in book five, I knew I couldn’t leave him by the sidelines any longer. Waiting so long to bring his voice in as a first-person narrator means we won’t see him at his best. Kaidlyn has been through hell, and he’s endured much of that with her. Add his own personal calamity into the mix and they’re a pair of road-weary soldiers in a world that doesn’t stop throwing punches.

Warning: Sarakas is not going to start the book in a good place.

How could he, after what some sadistic author did to him the last time we saw him?

If Kaidlyn was at her worst in book five, Judas Wolf is Sarakas’ rock bottom. While he grapples with the crap I’ve thrown at him and struggles to regain his footing, I’m hoping to retain the good parts of Sarakas that I love. Not just his tall, dark handsomeness and piercing ice blue eyes. I’m fond of other parts as well: his ride-or-die loyalty, his compassion and belief in the good of people, his duty to public safety, and his courage when face to face with monsters.

The book is slated to come out in January 2018, and I hope my readers will enjoy hearing from the main man of the story.