Guest Star: Koko

Koko has been my favorite male narrator to write thus far.

Which is funny, because he’s caused me much anxiety.

I worried about his namesake, that it was too on-the-nose and rude. I fretted that I had stuffed him into a stereotypical category of muscle by creating such a big, imposing physique. I agonized that if I didn’t show him cussing and using vulgarity, people wouldn’t think he’s indulging in enough vernacular. I struggled with all the racial-backlash that might happen because he fell in love with a young, slender white woman.

Then I got over it.

I want to be like Koko when I grow up. Seriously, the dude embodies high levels of perfection in my brain. He’s older. He’s got smarts. He’s huge. He plays dumb while being perceptive. He has the balls to charge a mutt head on in book one, and now he’s back as a guest narrator in book four.

Sucky timing for Kaidlyn, though. She just got contaminated, and the disease is riding her hot and intense, and her temper will get her in trouble.

As for the nickname, it stuck. It works. He never reveals his true name.

Koko indulges in one night stands. He’s educated and reads for fun. His discipline is insane. He knows his limits and pushes them. He takes the crap in his past and immediately uses it as motivation to change the world and do the right thing.

Until the “right” thing goes against his heart…

While he jumps into the FBHS and charges into the fray, what’s the worst thing that could happen? *author rubs her hands together*

He falls in love, of course. Hint: it’s not with Kaidlyn.

Muttopia #4 features Koko, the imposing, thuggish-looking, sophisticated, educated, brutal, and occasionally whore-mongering character who had a cameo in Muttopia #1.


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