Chocolate covered espresso beans aren’t a basic food group! Who knew?

Mmmm…crunchy goodness.

I’ve quit a few things in my life: smoking, slovenly drunkenness, religion,  most junk food. What I can’t let go of: coffee.

It’s my life juice. No coffee, no worky.

Actually, more than caffeine, coffee is a ritual. It’s a wake-up-and-get-to-work thing. It’s a reason to pace while I’m working out an idea. It’s a social tool: wanna go for coffee? Very important and life altering social connections can begin with those magic words.

This is an utterly arbitrary post.

Moral of the story: a woman’s allowed a few vices. Coffee is my chosen scapegoat and drug.


  • Coffee was one thing I gave up…. What I can’t give up? French Fries and Pizza…..

  • As a side note, I gave up coffee for a month in 2017 to see what it did to me. I had one major headache, then the rest was smooth sailing. After more than a month, I missed the flavor of my dark brews. I don’t add sugar or cream; for me, it’s all about the beautiful bean.

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