Hero with a Tarnished Heart

I keep wondering about heroes, anti-heroes, etc. We aspire to give heroes a gilded personality. Despite numerous artful flaws, a character must maintain a heart of gold. The consensus seems like something every author knows not to screw with.

I’m wondering if Kaidlyn meets that description. Flawed? Check. Heart of gold? Eh… that’s up for debate. She flat out kills people for a living. BLAM. Shoots them dead. Not always for a good reason, either. It isn’t necessarily self-defense. Sometimes, she starts fights for no reason.

Pretty intense stuff.

But it is what it is.

While she experiences a bit of turmoil over a few deaths, overall she isn’t prone to conflicted homicide.

She’s a murderer. And sometimes she’s a hero, too.

She does something irredeemable in the upcoming book, Silver Maiden. I’ve thought about pulling the scene but ultimately decided not to. Anyone who has read the series thus far knows Kaidlyn’s got wayward tendencies and she lives in a violent world.

When you read Silver Maiden, let me know if you think I made the right decision.

One comment

  • A reluctant hero is a tarnished or ordinary man with several faults or a troubled past, and he is pulled reluctantly into the story, or into heroic acts. During the story, he rises to the occasion, sometimes even vanquishing a mighty foe, sometimes avenging a wrong.

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