Series Rush

Greetings everyone!

So I’m awful about blogging while I’m writing, but I’ll get better at that.

Today I’m announcing the release date of Muttupia book #5.

Silver Maiden will be available on December 17th…only five weeks away!

To celebrate, and in an effort to pretend I’m not awful at social marketing (Oh, but I am, cue the bitter tears), I am running a series sale. If you haven’t started the series or haven’t read all four available volumes, this is your chance to catch up.

Scratch Lines, book 1, is on sale from Nov 20th-24th. This is the intro to the series and probably one of my smoothest book rides ever.

The Dog House, book 2, is on sale from Nov 27th-Dec 1st. Most of the big hitting players start popping up in this one and it adds international conflict.

Bait and Bleed will be on sale December 4th-8th. This absolutely changes everything for everyone, and has some of my best romantic violence.

Dead Mutt Walking, book 4, reveals one of my favorite guest narrators and puts Kaidlyn through a cosmic grinder. It’s on sale right before:

Silver Maiden, book 5. The crazy universe tortures Kaidlyn to the breaking point, and a delightful array of creatures come to her rescue. Release date December 17th!

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