Other Side

The Dog House

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I’m happy to announce the release of my fourth book!

The Dog House is the second book in my Muttopia series. Kaidlyn Durant is back with bigger guns, high tension shootouts, and a slew of pirate friends. Breaking the rules has become her way of life, and life has never been busier.

New mutts come to town, questioning the government’s shoot-first, no-questions-allowed mutt policy. Their ferocious leader, Svetlana, has an unflinching habit of displaying eviscerated bodies. What the new wolf didn’t expect was a gun-slinging human standing between her and a mutt army.

When negotiations break down with alarming brutality and spark a city-wide turf war, Svetlana plans to use Kaidlyn’s game-changing alliances to her advantage. Following a trail of blood, Kaidlyn is thrust deeply into the underbelly of the mutt community.


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