Wake Up Call

I’m lazy. Plus, I’m a glutton and a mood-eater. I work long swing-shift hours and I don’t make time for exercise. Some nights, I work so late that I have to eat on the drive home simply to stay awake. Yesterday I worked fifteen hours and didn’t get off until three in the morning, so I bought potato chips to keep me awake on the freeway.

My pastime is writing. Translation: I sit on my bum. I struggle to drag the right words out at the right time and pin them on the right page. I commissioned six cover art failures while facing an April deadline. Plus, I’m grumpy,  stressed, exhausted, and whatnot.

So I’ve become quite sedentary the last six months, and it’s wearing on me. I have daily headaches, migraines that harass me all day and lead to vomiting more and more often.

All this sharing and complaining is leading somewhere, I swear!

With work stress, extremely long hours, a hectic schedule, illness and exhaustion, I’m surly. Add to that the irritating, brain-trauma involved in trying to find editors, artists, and simply get my words on the page…

I need to take better care. I’m sabotaging myself, somehow bent on making the situation even more miserable. No wonder everything feels out of whack. If I can’t take care of myself, how do I expect anything else to work to my advantage? What, I think I can sit in the corner, moaning and wailing, and the universe will dump bounty in my lap? Editors will crawl to my door? Artists will camp out on my porch?

Worse than anything, it’s taking a toll on my dog. She’s anxious because I’m gone so long. She doesn’t get good walks because I’m lazy and fatigued, and all her pent up energy gets her in trouble. I don’t even like letting her out in the yard for a long time because she barks at the neighbor (who threatened to mace her).

So for my puppy’s sake as well as my own, I’m getting myself back on a routine. It will undoubtedly be an unusual schedule one given what I have to work with, but anything is better than nothing.

Anyone want to work out?

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