What do you care about?

Ask yourself, what did I care about when I was Five? Ten? Fifteen? Twenty? Twenty-five? Thirty? Etc?

What is your five year plan?

It is incredibly hard to plan ahead and find the motivation and discipline to follow your plan. Wanting something and finding the dedication to work for it every day are two completely different things. Good intentions won’t get us through. We are so easily distracted by entertainment, desires, instantaneous satisfaction.  I do it myself all the time. I push deadlines back. And back further. I ignore healthy eating choices if cookies happen to be loitering nearby. I plan on going to the gym…but maybe tomorrow.

 Precisely the kind of thing that holds us back, a laziness that can only end with us waking up ten years down the road, wondering what we’ve done with our lives.

I’m a writer; I’ll write. Come hell or high water, misery or joy, recognition or obscurity, I’ll be here, writing.

That’s my thing.

What’s yours? What’s important to you? In ten years, will you wake up satisfied…or full of regret?


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