Who let the dogs out?

Campy puns aside, the release of my first Muttopia novel meant breaking into a new series I’ve been coddling for years. The gunslinging heroine, Kaidlyn Durant, currently stars in five semi-complete novels. Two of the books simply need a polish, two demand an overhaul, and one remains chapters from completion.

Translation: I have a poop-load of work to do.

The series arose from my interest in hate studies and a fascination with the darker side of Nature. Despite the philosophically heavy origins, there’s plenty of blood, gore, violence, fistfights, sexy scenes, and chaos surrounding my scrappy, brash, and possibly irredeemable characters.

A few people have contributed to the project so far, and I’d like to thank Solomon, Louis, Suzanne, and everyone who understood when I locked the door and buried myself in writing. The list will surely grow. Thanks to my family for the constant encouragement and acceptance of my prickly, writing ways.

The series titles in order:

Scratch LinesScratch

The Dog House

Midnight Silver Lining

Dead Mutt Walking

The Silver Maiden

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