Elizabeth Blake is a complex woman. ¬†She’ll tell you that she’s not that complicated. That her demands are simple: Coffee, Good Books, Freedom, World Domination…but I digress. Who am I? Just someone who knows her well enough to write her bio, so get cozy.

Elizabeth has been reading and writing since early childhood. Passion doesn’t even cover it. Wild yet focused obsession is, perhaps, a better way to put it. Words are her world. Words are her therapy, her sanity, her love, her strength, her DNA.

I have heard stories of a teenage girl sitting on the roof of a farmhouse, furiously scribbling away in a notebook. I have witnessed a room with the door locked for a month, and a full manuscript emerging thereafter. I have literally had arguments over whether the pages in her hands were more valuable than dinner.

Elizabeth spent her early years reading every day and crafting stories all her own. Stories became books, books became a series, and a series became a universe. Living life as a writer wasn’t her goal, it’s just who she is. Who she will always be. It is unsurprising that her education, both formal and personal, leans on that essence.

Her works are detailed and figured like fine woodcraft: richly textured, carefully shaped, and elegantly finished. The subtleties are as powerful as the magnificent imagery. She casts a spell with ink and pen, makes you believe the fantasy is real, and when it is over, you feel a parting sadness for the characters and world you leave behind.

Who is Elizabeth Blake? Elizabeth Blake is a sorceress of stories, a lover of letters, the love of my life. I am proud of who she is and am so happy to be on this journey with her. If you want to get to know her, pick up her books, follow her on social media, buy her a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. You have my blessing.

~~Solomon Blake




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