The Dog House


Other Side

When the nation’s best gunslinger stumbles into the wolves’ lair, shooting her way out could trigger another apocalypse.

Kaidlyn juggles a life full of new responsibility: raising an adopted teenager, conspiring with pirates, and preventing a lycanthropy outbreak from destroying the nation. Breaking the rules has become her way of life, and life has never been busier.

Just when all the pieces come together, a new batch of chaos hits the streets.
Wolves migrate from Russia to infiltrate the Phoenix population. These ancient noble beasts protest the government’s shoot-first, no-questions-allowed mutt policy. They want a revision of the public relations agenda, along with the legal right to exist, and they aren’t shy about using murder to get noticed.
The ferocious leader, Svetlana, will spark her revolution by any means necessary. Her unflinching habit of displaying eviscerated bodies in public draws attention, and soon every kennel master in Phoenix wants a piece of her.

What the new wolf didn’t expect was a gun-slinging human standing between her and a mutt army. When negotiations break down with alarming brutality and spark a city-wide turf war, Svetlana plans to use Kaidlyn’s game-changing alliances to her advantage.
Following a trail of blood, Kaidlyn is thrust deeply into the underbelly of the mutt community. Once charged with killing the creatures on sight, she now strives to keep the peace using her most dangerous weapon yet: diplomacy.

With the fate of her city hanging by a tendon, Kaidlyn will discover what she is truly capable of.

Muttopia #2, available in Kindle and Paperback.

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