God Strain

God Strain Cover


When a has-been scientist discovers a holy link in the vampire family tree, the truth threatens to thrust the world into the Apocalypse.

Simon, an operative within a secret organization of vampire hunters, wants the doctor’s research in order to create a final solution. Discoveries reveal that the demon vampires he hunts are more than lowly bloodsuckers…so much more. As secrets unfold, the more conflicted he becomes.

As the liaison between the hunters and the Church, Simon can ultimately alter the fate of the known world. It’s hard to save the world when dealing with unrequited love, mortality and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Torn between loyalty and what’s right, Simon can hide the truth and keep the world in happy ignorance, or he share his knowledge and see if truth sets the world free.

While humans struggle with genetic revelations, the vampire kingdom is falling apart. A matriarch emerges from centuries of silence and threatens the two thousand year-old dynasty. The Great Mother and her pantheon of mad vampire gods want the world to kneel before her grotesque throne.

Warning: this book contains coarse language and gratuitous violence.

Available in KINDLE and PAPERBACK.

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