Scratch Lines



Kaidlyn Durant survived the apocalypse to become the most celebrated gunslinger in the Federal Bureau of Human Safety, an organization sworn to protect her country from an insidious plague.

While citizens cower behind the iron gates and machine gun turrets of a police state, Kaidlyn’s team fights an endless parade of beasts. Mutts, the unfortunate creatures infected with lycanthropy, masquerade as benign humans until their dark urges inevitably overwhelm their humanity. Like time bombs with teeth, eventually all mutts rampage and leave a trail of body parts.

No matter how many monsters she kills, Kaidlyn can’t save everyone. A string of gruesome murders ensnares her in an investigation that will change everything she believes. Again.

She finds allies where she least expected: an L-positive smuggler who can answer her most burning questions. For a price.

Rainer, a dissident familiar with the black market, discovers one of Kaidlyn’s illicit secrets and plans to leverage his findings to gain her cooperation. If he can survive her temper long enough to convince her that not all mutts are evil, they might change the world.

The two unlikely compatriots unite in a gamble of redemption and hope. With any luck, they’ll make a difference before they find themselves in front of a firing squad.

Muttopia #1, available in KINDLE and PAPERBACK.

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