Storm Tossed Devils

Storm Tossed Devils 2-3

Storm-tossed Devils, the Exalted #2


The Exalted vampires are back and the apocalypse continues!

The word is out about vampires, werewolves, demons, and angels.

While vampress Arachne and her nemesis, Lane, grapple for dominion over the world, Fate vows that petty bickering will never destroy the Exalted. Determined to save the future that she prefers, Fate will enlist any help she can, including lesser vampires, a confused goddess, and a wayward human boy. Chaos and lost visions test the commitment of the three Fates, and their bickering could destroy the very foundations of the current vampire dynasty.

Vampire hunter Simon finds himself utterly alone, homeless, and fighting mental illness as the whole world goes crazy. His mission is to find the vampire that killed his only beloved friend. Naturally, such a life-altering quest can’t be easy. He backslides into madness as a vampire stalker throws one wrench after another into his revenge mission. Tempted in ways he never imagined, Simon finds himself doing things he wouldn’t have thought possible, things that keep him up at night.

While he struggles to survive, the worst storm in history severs Boston from civilization. Looters, cannibals, and werewolves run wild on the streets, and Simon worries that his day of reckoning may never come.

Humanity scrambles to reconcile the divine with their beliefs. The entire world awaits the coming of the emissary destined to represent vampires and unite their species. No one could have predicted who that vampire would be. Not even Fate.

Available in KINDLE and PAPERBACK.

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