Ending A Trilogy

God Strain came out a long time ago in 2012.

Oh, Jesus. I just realized it took me five years to wrap up this trilogy. Gasp.

But as I’m writing the last chapter, I’m trying to take a minute and appreciate how it feels.

Gotta tell ya, it feels pretty dang good.

Don’t get me wrong, writing is suffering. Exquisite, beautiful suffering. And it always takes much longer than I think it should. But as I read the words I wrote for my last page in this trilogy, I’m pleasantly satisfied. No, nothing is perfect. Yes, I will miss things. And I absolutely will want to go back and tweak and torment the book further, but overall… it’s good.

Yeah. Yeah, I’m okay with it.

As a perfectionist with aversion to mistakes bordering on paranoia, that’s saying something.

Simon, the main character, turned out to be more than the boy I first dreamed up. I originally pictured a Loki-style coyote trickster who revels in messing up everyone’s life. In the end, that role went more to Hera. Simon has a different origin and ending than I first anticipated, and he became someone I was totally rooting for. I dragged Simon through a lot of violent, awkward, unfortunate situations. Poor guy.

And now Simon’s all grown up.

Fate’s Gamble is the last book of the vampire stories which predate my Muttopia world, and I will be releasing it September 15th. I hope you enjoy it, and I’m eager to hear feedback.

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