On Writing a Gay Character

The vampire series isn’t my first work (I write fantasy too), but it is the story I’m bringing to the public first. This book will become my first impression for the writing/reading community, so I’m becoming very conscious of what’s in it.

Granted, I’m poking a lot of issues with a sharp, violent stick. Many people who know me won’t be surprised by the religious and graphic undertones, but my choice of a young gay protagonist may raise some eyebrows.

Yeah, he’s gay. It’s not a big issue. Well, it is for him because he’s hopelessly in love with his best friend, but as far as the world is concerned he’s just another boy. I don’t even refer to him as “gay” in the book, it’s just understood. I firmly believe that people are what they do more than what they believe. Morality is in actions, not religions or political stances.

I write a fluid spectrum of characters that slide under all sorts of labels because I don’t believe that kind of classification is the defining part of people’s realities. He’s gay; it’s part of his character. He’s also a young man in a horrible situation trying to do what’s right for himself and the world asĀ  a whole.

While current issues rampage about the assumed morality of sexuality and whether or not adults of consenting age should be allowed to marry regardless of gender, I’m going to write characters based on how they feel, not what the world tells me they should be.

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