Reading: Blame it on my ADD, baby.

I am currently in the middle of thirteen books. How does this happen?

I have my coffee pot book; the one I read while I’m standing and waiting for the coffee to brew. I have the bathroom book, which I read when…well, when I’m in the bathroom. I have four open books on my kindle reader, two on my kobo reader, and two from digital library loan from Phoenix library. I have the bedside book in case my kindle/koko isn’t charged. I have a book I’ve borrowed from a friend. I’m also reading a book which I borrowed from a friend who borrowed it from a friend. `

I’m not including the book a friend gave me that I started but have no intention of finishing, or two others that I ditched out of boredom.

I’m wondering, does anyone else have this problem?

I blame half of it on the ease of getting digital books from amazon and libraries, not to mention the hundreds of free e-books being offered every day by aspiring authors. The other half of the madness I’d have to attribute to my hunger for reading and an ever-shrinking attention span.


  • Yeah, I have that problem, but mostly because I’m such a slow reader it takes me months to finish a book and I lose interest in everything so quickly. If you’re making progress through a book then I’d say that it’s still beneficial and not unhealthy.

  • There are some that I cruise through, but there’s another one that I’ve cracked open four months ago and only read a page or so at a time. I’ll still be reading it next year and probably won’t remember it. Reading so much can force some of the books into obscurity. The ones that leave a mark on me are the ones I immediately devour and then beg for seconds. I hope everyone has a few books that hold a special place in their heart/memory.

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