Revenge Plot Woes

I’ve run into some trouble empathizing with Sarakas’ emotional state in Judas Wolf. He’s recovering from turmoil and trauma, pain and grief, and he hates Gingerlocks. Hates her. But he’s stuck with her.

However, I don’t hate anyone right now. I’m far removed from hatred.

Now, that’s not to say I’m not irritated, frustrated, and operating with a hair-trigger temper. I simply don’t have enemies (and if I do, I don’t know about you, so keep that crap to yourself).

Therefore, I’m worried Sarakas might be feeling more trite than hateful, more cliche than vengeful.

My friend said, “Well, you love people. Hatred is the opposite of love.”

No, no it’s not. Abject indifference is the opposite of love. Hatred is like an idiot bastard cousin of love.

Actually, thinking of it that way might help…

If you have any advice, drop me a message.